"Our Specialties can become your
home's Possibilities!"

Here at Jennifer Sweet Electric, we specialize in design lighting.  

We can transform your favorite room into a sanctuary washed in the
warmest light, your kitchen into a culinary masterpiece, and your
house into a home.  A soft glow has the ability to accentuate your
decor, as well as your mood.  Our ingenuity, product knowledge and
placement will do just that.

Located in Franklin, Massachusetts, we travel throughout the state for
various size projects ranging from under cabinet lighting, pools and
spas, custom homes,  state of the art dental offices, and even the newly
opened, Allure Galleria of Fine Art,  located in Westborough, MA.

Our staff of licensed electricians, skilled apprentices, and helpful
business personnel aim to customize and accommodate your needs with
the professionalism and quality of service that we have become known

We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and believe a satisfied
customer is our best referral.  We also understand finding a contractor
can be an undertaking, however we know you'll find our service to be
the missing piece to your construction puzzle.

Take a look below at our summer initiative, a customized outdoor
sports bar.  
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